A self taught artist; Wilf has been painting for 35 years and has been featured as a Ducks Unlimited Portfolio artist on four different occasions. 

Wilf was born in the wilderness of Northern British Columbia in a logging camp and has been in and around nature for his entire life.  


''I have been blessed to have been born amongst nature’s beauty and to have been raised within it.  It is from this beauty that I become aware of the curriculum of nuance that nature whispers to those who will be still enough to listen.  I am honoured to represent the results on canvas and paper; however always with the knowledge that representing perfection can by its own definition never be more than representation and cannot endeavour to become a substitution''


Wilf currently resides on a small farm Northeast of Calgary with his wife and best friend Irene and is semi retired spending his time painting and volunteering for Samaritans Purse and other organizations.

''There is something spiritual about the interplay of oil on canvas.  Working with it has given me an awareness and connection with history and nature.  My work is a responsive fulfillment to that connection and I purpose to present it with accuracy and integrity.''

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