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Artist Bio

Kicki Edgren, born 1972 and based in Gothenburg, Sweden, has always painted, drawn and written as long as she can remember. Ever since her first art exhibition at the age of 15 she has had about 25 solo exhibitions in Sweden, and recently her paintings has been exhibited in Galleries in Europe - Monaco, Spain and Italy. Kicki Edgren has attended several art educations, including a master's degree from HDK-Valand - Academy of Art and Design, University of Gothenburg. However, she believes that the best art education is life itself, the life-long interest in watching and analyzing what other things really look like and the curiosity of what happens when you make your own interpretations and visualizations. 

She gets her inspiration from human emotions and situations expressed in bodies and faces as well as patterns, abstract art and street art. The soft, sweet and perfect doesn’t interest her, but instead she uses vibrant colors, rough lines and dynamic contrasts to exaggerate expressions. She always experiments with the meeting between the 3-dimensional and flat surfaces. 


In addition to her artistry, she is also a multi-prized designer for her graphic design, pattern design and product design. Her creative soul is distinguished not least by her 3-dimensional wallpaper Off the Wall that was exhibited in many places, including the design museum in Barcelona, at the same time as her self-written book was published in Sweden. 


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