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Artist Bio

Luca Valentini was born in Rieti, chief town of Sabina region and cradle of latinity; he graduated in Engineering in Rome.
He lives in Italy, where his talent for Art takes shape in contact with Classicism, but he is a cosmopolitan citizen who travels and works in Europe, America and the United Arab Emirates.
This gave to his artistic vision a wise international profile, but his roots are present in his sense of creativity and in the originality of his artworks: these are part of his DNA as an artist.

“Art is inspiration that takes shape in a unique and original way, transcending normality; that is why each artist considers inspiration as a real reason for life.”

Only an eternal becoming is as immortal as art; unlike that dynamic process based on an unceasing evolution, the crucial function of art is to crystallize that becoming forever. Affirming that art is a broad-ranging reflection on life, which then focuses on details, represents a concept that evolves into a masterpiece in the work of many artists.

Luca Valentini has grown as an artist following the same dynamic way and pursuing a never-ending evolution.
He has gradually shifted the focus of his inspiration, aiming at details and refining his empathic style, literally transferring his life into his art.

Yet, they are not long the days of OUR MYHTS, when his spatula was sharply used to portray the contemporary pop icons, as if to scratch the collective memory, ironizing about our society’s need for global legends, passed as a necessity, because it is well known that fame and popularity are the drugs of our present time.


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