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Artist Bio

Zeon Milo is an artist based in Boras, Sweden where his studio is located. Recently, 

a variety of expressions in the form of abstract colour explosions have become more

and more the subject of his portrait paintings, preferably on larger canvases.


Nowadays the artist often uses his abstract paintings as an exciting background for his

portraits which then get an extra dimension. A portrait always becomes so much more

interesting if there is something behind it that creates texture and and unexpected colour

combinations on unexpected areas of the canvas.


His portraits are usually based on real people. What exactly the artist looks for when choosing  motifs for his portraits is unclear, but judging by his previous portraits, it is often a calm in those who are difficult to put their finger on.


The artist lives in a small town where 99% of the population is white, and initially there was no active choice to paint black women. However, he found himself more inspired and interested in this imagery. Perhaps the artist subconsciously knows that white people are depicted to an excessive extent in comparison. 


Abstract painting is close to the artist's heart. To be able to just scoop all possible colours and see where the impulsivity leads, a larger canvas is a must.


Zeon Milo is a pseudonymous the artist created on Instagram, mostly with the ambition to show his art, which quickly began to sell. His paintings are now found all over the world in many different countries like Japan, USA and Australia. He was exclusively invited to exhibit his work at the popular art event Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, this as a "Hidden Talent", a fair otherwise only galleries can attend. 


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