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Artist Bio

Alik is a mixed media artist, based in Kiev, 999 is his mascot number. A dedication to the extraordinary, a devotion to beauty, and a passion for luxury are what he is trying to embody in his art pieces. An interest in art, painting and foreign cultures accompanies him throughout his life. He uses an array of materials including spray paint, acrylic, resin, marker, newspaper and comic book clippings. Alik's artistic style arises from influences from the pop culture and standing at the forefront of art and culture, he uncovers the latest, emerging trends and creates pieces that depicts iconic characters, celebrities and luxury items which inspires collectors around the world. In the plots of the paintings, everybody can find reflection of modernity, where his animated cartoon style displays luxury lifestyle and comments on social and economic issues that affect the culture of capitalism. Each piece seeks to transport the viewer into a world of emotions, passions and sensations. Alik's clientele is diverse and spans across the globe, with a significant customer base comprised of businessmen, professional athletes and musicians. His art is an expression of freedom, an attitude towards life and the realization of a unique dream giving an individual spirit to each space.


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