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Artist Bio

From drawing to painting and illustrations up to the computer, I am passionate about creating in all the meanings of the term. I have a constant need to explore all artistic fields mediums, in this way I don't have any limits when it comes to creation. My visual arts college courses and Graphic Design courses at Université Laval allowed me to develop each of these areas of expertise. In addition, of my own free will, I have practised artistic make-up where my projects come alive on the human body.

My preoccupation is the human, where I put forward the sensitivity in a singular way. I vary the textures, density of materials, colours and transparencies. My subjects are made of various colours, which do not necessarily exist in reality as we know. I incorporate real subjects into unreal worlds, to free the subjects from their context to be transported in an unexpected environment. My art brings to mind a sensitive universe with multitude of connections between all the elements, which creates metaphors. Discover my thoughts, let yourself be transported.

The imaginary world that I create inhabits me.


Thanks! We'll be in touch.

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