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Artist Bio

Robbie Raglan from Pembroke, Ontario, Canada. Robbie is a custom Airbrush Artist who builds and restores classic and custom cars.

Robbie Raglan relocated to Cold Lake, Alberta. He took an interest in Classic cars at young age, he used to go to car shows with his dad when he was younger and be fascinated by their appearance the way the body lines were shaped and moved how the chrome shined and the aggressive sound of the Muscle Cars when they fired up, these cars stood out. Especially the ones with the custom paint.

The first vehicle he truly noticed that left him totally amazed and in awe of the Customization that can be done to a car, Was a 1963 Chevrolet Impala Lowrider named "Fully Loaded."  It had a marbilazed Kustom Root beer Kandy metallic flake paint job, beautiful Airbrush murals in the door Jams, and everything that would normally be chrome was gold plated.  This car left him amazed at how much detail and customization can truly go into a vehicle to make it not only stand out but to make it your own.   From that day he knew he was going to learn how to do this, he was going to Make things Kustom.

"Life happens for you, and it was about to unveil a hidden Gift I possessed." opted to repaint the car himself, learning the aspects required in vehicle restoration and how to execute the Airbrushing methods required for the custom paint job that He envisioned for Trans Am.


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