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Artist Bio

Tattoo artist since 11 years and Professional painter since 2019, I
have always let art guide my life. Acrylic and mixed media guide

my hand; Colors and passion guide my heart.

Like any living element, I am constantly evolving. Influenced as
much by what surrounds me as by my feelings and my
imagination, I like to be inspired by images to shape them

according to my vision.

Self-taught, I do not paint according to the rules of art: I give free
rein to my instinct, to the impulse of the moment. I exploit my
figurative style as much as my abstract style through various


The eye first analyzes the entire canvas, then when we approach
it, a completely different artistic angle is revealed. The use I make
of the spatula allows me to express details in a way that is both
abstract and exploded. I try to infuse a part of myself in each of
my works: strength, love, beauty, character. My goal is simple: to
awaken, to touch an inner fiber in each of you. My works are also
high-end by the use of luxurious materials such as 24K gold,

Swarovski and epoxy varnish.

I expose the paths that will lead you straight to my universe.

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