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Alain Mimouni


Artist Bio

Alain Mimouni, born in Paris in 1967, is an artist who has made a significant impact with his innovative approach to art. Specializing in trompe l'oeil painting, he blends various materials, such as acrylics, oils, and metallic leaves, to create 3D paintings that straddle the line between traditional art and sculpture.

His art draws inspiration from pop art, street art, and elements of Jewish culture, often incorporating imagery from Comics, Disney, Cartoons, Superheroes, and his beloved Paris. Beyond traditional canvases, Alain extends his creative expression to sculptures and the customization of decorative objects like apples, helmets, skateboards, guitars, and more.

Alain's versatility shines as he adapts to various client requests, from legal offices to restaurants, adding a modern touch to interior decor. His art is distinguished by vivid colors, patterns, and profound symbolism, making each piece a unique and captivating experience.


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