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Caroline De Souza


Artist Bio

Caroline De Souza is originally from Brazil. She finish her studies in Milan as a fashion
illustrator / designer and she moved to Greece where she married and became a Greek
citizen .
As a fashion designer she worked for many brands and she also created her own collection
participating of Athens fashion week, but fashion wasn’t enough, she paint since she was 15
years old and Art jumped it out of herself with passion again! What made her start lessons
with many respected Greek artists, and online courses at Central Saint Martin UK.
She’s always looking for something new combining materials, to create something unique
like, synthetics acrylics oils , crystals, resin and metals.
As a travel lover every new country became a new way of learning, being part of art
workshops at best art schools.
In 2020 she created her first sculpture collection “Love has no color” and was selected by
In 2021 she created the successful collection of metal hearts called “Unbeaten” painted with metallic colors.

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