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Artist Bio

Born 1981, Poland, currently lives and works in Warsaw. She is an inspirational artist whose background and study in architecture and design translates into a dynamic canvas.

Her experimental paintwork radiates energy in a riot of technicolour and dynamic expression, finding harmony amid chaos. Fluorescent paint, acrylics and spray paints bring to life icons from the world of art, sport, film, music as well as inspirational leaders of our time. Energy is very important in her paintings, her passion for travel and the exchange of cultures and experiences give character to her work. 

Two of her paintings where acquired by the Standard Chartered Bank in London and exhibited in their Headquarters as part of it's Great Global Art Collection. She has also worked with Mega brands such as Samsung, Grolsch and Formula1; Guns N' Roses' lead guitarist, Slash owns 4 of her paintings at his home and studio and he used one of them as the Cover of his last album "Living the Dream".


"In my continual pursuit of all things beautiful I find it in the balance between hues of vibrant colour. I express myself on canvas, using strong, long lasting dyes which allow me to capture the dynamics of life." - Marta Z.


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