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Artist Bio

Juliana Del Burgo, aka 'Burgo,' born in Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal, blends diverse ancestral roots from Brazilian to Japanese. A Fine Arts University graduate in Lisbon and apprentice to Russian artist Vladimir Volegov, she's showcased her art globally from Lisbon to Tel Aviv.

Inspired by the six senses, Burgo's art, with an uplifting twist, reflects her spiritual and physical roots. From childhood memories in her grandmother's colorful atelier to watercolor sessions in a garden filled with flowers, her artistic journey has evolved.

Following a burnout in Holistic Therapy in 2017, Burgo found therapy in painting monsters, marking a shift in her creative exploration. Each piece, from sketches to large projects, embodies the Happy Monster—a personal reflection. Viewers are invited to unravel the narrative and discover the life lessons embedded in her art.

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