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751 3rd St SW, The Core Shopping Centre level +30. 

Calgary, AB.

Tel: 587-296-4477


6455 Macleod Trail SW.

CF Chinook Centre Level 2

Calgary, AB.

Tel: 403-474-5774

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European hand made frames made of the finest materials.



Art has the power to evoke emotion. Amazing design paired with great pieces changes a space into a sanctuary.

The benefits gained from being surrounded by wonderful works are immeasurable. Being able to wake up to a scenic oil on canvas, or a poignant portrait really does set a precedence on how we start the day.





We believe in the importance of collaboration, that is why we are constantly on the look out for emerging talents within the art world. 

We take this mantra and apply it to every client interaction. Because two heads are truly better than one, we combine our skill sets to ensure we  meet client expectations on time and on budget.

We want to understand your motivations. Each new undertaking is very personal. Each individual is unique and thus their tastes vary. Over the years we have developed an intuitive way of discerning what each client is asking for and how we can best pair an artists work with a new home.


Creating harmony is what we do. Also referred to as Chinese geomancy, Feng Shui is a way of thinking that believes in using energy forces to connect people with their surroundings.

Have you ever moved a couch or a table and felt a room suddenly become bigger?

Even introducing a plant or a painting to a space can really change the energy.

Good Feng Shui is what we try to achieve with every project we take on.


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