"I use many techniques to achieve this target, so that when you own a unique piece in your home, it captures the energy that helps you heal and connect to your surroundings."

Mayada Naguib received her Bachelor of Interior Design specializing in Furniture Design from Cairo, Egypt in 1995 Growing up by the pyramids and observing ancient civilization in both Africa and Europe has influenced her style and vision. ​

She immigrated to Canada shortly after school.

"Canada is home to twelve different climate regions. It shelters many cultures and languages. It is one of few countries that value diversity, inclusion and gives humanity the shining example that it is possible to live together even though we are different.."

Mayada, conveys tradition in her work to future generations through creating and re-utilizing furniture and paintings. She loves the idea of creating a functional piece of art that her clients use as furniture as well as decorative embellishments in their spaces.

Mayada loves to travel, among the treasures of traveling is to gather leaves, gems, and stones that she uses in her works.


Lately, During the past five years, Mayada has been exploring Canada's provinces in an attempt to make pieces of furniture and art that embed on its surface leaves from all over this beautiful country, "The Canadian Identity from provinces and territories work together not against each other.

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