Artist Bio

Gailani is a self-taught contemporary artist living in Muscat, Oman. He conducts art retreats, curates exhibitions, judges art competitions, and exhibits his works in the Gulf Region, Europe and North America. He is dubbed as the "Debating Artist" and is associated with art that is self-reflective and has a social message 

Gailani is the founder of The “Gailani Art Retreat” a creative getaway of self-expression using painting and music that has engaged more than 800 participants over 46 retreats since its inception in 2013. In September 2016 his work was exhibited in New York at the Coffee Art Festival where he won the Visitor Choice Award. The same month he published his book “Gailani – An Artistic Journey” – A memoir of his life story told through paintings.

In December 2017 his painting titled “The Refugee” won the Jury award at the 3rd Annual “Show Your World Art Competition” in New York City where it was showcased at Gallery MC. Gailani lends his artistic voice to causes of child abuse, anti-bullying, and also Human Trafficking. 

His paintings were included in the “Art for Justice” movement exhibition in Paris that aimed at shedding light and awareness on Human Trafficking. Gailani is also a guest lecturer on “Art & Self-Expression ” at art forums, colleges and schools in Muscat, Oman.


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