''Why would I want to be inside when I could be climbing! Fresh air is good for your brain, and your artwork.''

Ayla Mahabeer has been passionate about painting ever since she was a child. She uses painting as a way to express herself, she is also a rock climber who is sponsored by North Face. Her love of outdoor activities allows her the opportunity to travel the globe and see incredible places many people don't.

''Doing these activities I get to go to some beautiful and magical places and take photos of some of the things I see. I feel like a lot of people don't get to witness some of the captivating scenes I see so I like to bring them home and paint them so I can share them with the world through my artwork.'' 

Through the use of vibrant acrylics, Ayla creates vivid landscape and wildlife paintings. Each piece is alive with saturated colours and a strong energy. She continues to use her unique perspective to inspire new and exciting artwork.

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